Digital Photography

This page is a sort of combined foreword and index for my online digital photo portfolio. I like to bring along my Kodak DC280 digital camera to different social events and gatherings, then post the photos to this site and let folks who participated (or who are otherwise interested) know how to find them.

I started with some photos from New Year's Eve at the hideout, then added some vacation pics and some concert pics and just kept posting. The current collection is as follows:

Chaka's Glitter Art

Chaka showed her glitter art. The atmosphere was sweet. Every glitter painting there looked good enough to eat. There were other pieces on display but it was obvious who the star was.

Funk 'n Folk 'n Roots

This festival does nothing but bring people together. It's world-class. Y'all better recognize!

2005!?! Already??

PK and DC most kindly set out a spread and had friends over to celebrate the arrival of the new year. We ate and we drank. We danced, kissed, shook and hugged and discussed our plans for keeping the world safe from evil

Celebrate The Joy That Is Snapper

Mike had everything planned down to the lovely weather and his hard work allowed many humans to have more fun in celebration of Colleen's birthday than most of them should be allowed to have. WARNING!!: These photos contain no nudity and nobody behaving badly... unlike the actual party.

The Old Town School's Folk and Roots Festival 2004

Pretty pleasant weekend weather; fun folk; artsy crafts and did I mention splendid music and dance of all ilk? One thing is evident... I didn't have the gas to stay 'til after dark either night for some o' them lit-stage shots of the headliners. Oh well, there's plenty of that below.

Kickboard Pageant 2003

Whatever it is about our spirits which causes us to do this, I promise to nourish it always and forever.

Folk And Roots 2003

With the way this festival goes each year, you'd never know that logistical problems existed in the world. A real treat all weekend for young and old. You'd be hard-pressed to swing a dead cat and not hit some head with a big smile on it.

The Last D-Settlement Show

This is the way to go out. The music was all good. The performance was exhuberant and a good time was had by all (old friends and unfortunate newbies whose first show was also their last).

Milly's American Three Oaks Hootenany

How do Americans have fun. Well,... lotsa ways. Brig... uhhhh, Milly sure as hell knows how. I don't remember feeling more American.

D-Settlement CD Release

In April, 2002, I attended a couple of gigs celebrating the release of the new Marvin Tate's D-Settlement CD 'American Icons'. Great record with Bob Rev photos on the CD cover. I also became an instant fan of the Read My Hips Belly Dancers.

Old Town School All-Nighter

At the end of March 2002, there was another all-night party at the Old Town School. Food, fun, friends and... uhhh... Folk music. That's a nice group of kids.

Happy New Year 2001-2002

I met some friends on New Year's Eve to dig a performance they were having and -get this- it was in the lovely Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier

Holiday Love Art

There were beautiful original works of art and millinery and millinery art available. Everyone enjoyed baby Violet's company. These women make paintings, sculptures, bags, hats, skirts and me happy.

The 4th of July at Brigid's

Nothing like pictures of kids with sparklers at the beach. Pretty; fun; pretty fun.

Kickboards 2001

Sorry you had to wait so long for this year's Kickboard Pageant pics. It was fun. That dessert you made was divine. Your costume made me snort Fresca out my nose! I love you all.

Motionness -The Conjugate Projekt

DJs on a moving CTA train... Right on. As if that weren't enough, books were donated and funds were raised as attention was brought (through art) to literacy in the community.

D-Settlement with Antibalas at OTC

After about a year of catchin' the WAY funkiest shows and taking hundreds of pics of the band, I finally got some to the website.

Anastasia Had Another Birthday

As if the Skate On State mentioned below weren't enough to tenderize certain little-used butt muscles, I was back at it the next night with other friends of Ms. Davies wishin' her the happiest.

Cool People & Friends Skate On State

Sheila invited me to a skating party and, walkin' outta the skate rental trailer, I fell flat on my back. After that I had fun

Mad Hatter Chaka Tea

December 3rd, 2000 found us at Martha UsherNotStewart's for a charming tea in honor of Dear Chaka's encroaching decrepitude. Dainty eats and urbane conversation made for an uplifting afternoon.

Kickboard Pageant 2000

Folks, I don't know about you but I don't feel like I've lived a summer until I take some memories away from the annual kickboard pageant. This year's was successful in every respect.

Blake Gray Underwood's Baptism

Back in July, Blake was baptised. I'm his Godfather! I had a good time with all those Underwoods.

Intimate Acoustic Gathering

There were a couple of sweet, intimate performances at the new PDP reahearsal/office/studio space in the first week of February. It was a really cool venue and if you ever get invited, don't put your shoes on the walls!

Wig Party

On January 8th, Lissa's birthday, we had a fun party. We love her.

Check back later if you like. Perhaps by then I'll have posted photos I took during a party which you and I attended; or the concert we shared.

Please address your comments or concerns to Bob.