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Portrait of a Roots Musician at a Festival

Rodeo? Stockyard? Music Festival!

Lots Going On In The Kidztent

Must Be Swing Music Nearby


Dancing With Her Shadow

A Few O' Them Hacienda Fellers

Who Wants Pie?

Story Time (Read My Hips)

Story Time (Read My Hips, Chap. 2)

Story Time (Read My Hips, Chap. 3)

Al And Some Of His Drinking Buddies

Tina And... Adelaide?

I Swear

Kerry Puts Her Right Shoulder In For The Hokey Pokey

Little Music Fan Making A Little Fan

Composition With Boy And Frisbee

Ayn Rand Describes Howard In The Fountainhead As Standing Arms At Sides, Palms Forward (I Guess Like This)

Portable Shade


Feelin' It

Latin Dance

Almost Showtime

Between Dances

Serendipitous Cute Portrait

Portrait of a Roots Musician at a Festival, Pt. 2

Anonymous Dad

Pink Marker, Please

Proud Mask Creator With Masks

Turtle Fan

Lug Those Logs



Young Aztec Portrait

World Funkin' Beat

Drummers Drumming

In The Gazebo

Portrait Of Hope