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Dewey Cannon

Nobody Said It'd Be Easy

Two Pretty Girls; Each In A Straw Hat; One Going This Way; One Going That

Tom, Scruffy By The Gazebo

Prosthetic Stasis

Loving A Parade

Fulks Folks

Dilly On Meet-And-Grrrrreet

She's Good With Kids

Magda's Uncertain

Magda And Dilly Admire One Another From Afar

Girl And Pinwheel In Summer

Swag Wagon

Dance Girl Interrupted

Dilly Growled (Hense Lease Tension)

Mark In Summer

Lissa 'Scapes The Sunlight For A Sec

Lone Cow Hand (Sorta)

I 'Bout Liked To Cry (They's SO Cute)

Only Picture I Have That Looks Parade-ish

The End Of The Parade Enters The Park

Holy Shit!

If You Can't Trust A Woman Speakin' To You Over A Giant Chicken Ass...

Amused Girl In Composed Company

Martin And Amelia (sp?)

Show Time

Behind The Scenes

Saturday In The Park With Milly


Portrait Of A Young Girl 2002

Everyone Leaving The Stage Must Do A Twirl

Typical Three Oaks Saturday Night

Beam Me Up

Picnic With Retriever

Milly, Dag And Susan

Shut Ins See The Light Of Day

Dilly The Art Model

Milly And The Kids Warm Up The Fulkses

American Goth-chic

Kidz Dantz

Bob, Milly And Our Friend From The Last Picture Of Last Year's Fourth Party