I am attempting to refine anecdotal evidence of the heroes and heroines in us all. Stay tuned...Perhaps your special qualities or achievements will be mentioned.


Whether or not you think I've absorbed much culture over the span of my life, my Mom Jane deserves much credit for attempting to instill in me a taste for it.Rock on, Jane!

She and I are going to Spain in February along with my neice, Stephanie. There's culture in Spain, ain't there?

Rick and Mary

Mary (Rick's better half; my sister-in-law) with the aid of Rick (my brother) brought to the family the first boy of the next generation. Ryan Robert Reveley was born on the 15th of July.

A sizable youngster, he seems quite interested and usually content. And while I'm not completely impartial, I don't think it's unfair to say that he's inherited some of the Reveley good looks. We'll just have to wait and see if he's also inherited any of his mother's immense charm.

Here's a lovely shot of myself with the whole family. There's (from L to R) Mary with Ryan, Colleen, Breann, Rick and ol' Uncle Bob in the back.

Bill and Laurie

Bill's my older brother. I used to live with him and his wife, Laurie and my three nieces. The above-mentioned Stephanie is the oldest, followed by Allison and Danielle. We four used to have some good times. Still do. We sometimes include Freckles the wonderdog in our reindeer games.

Bob and Judy

The rest of my nuclear family consists of my Dad Bob and his wife Judy. They work and travel and have good times with their pals while they're trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. They also take care of my dear friend Maggie, the Jack Russell terrier.

All of us in the family still get along pretty well together and we're all on speaking terms. Amazing and wonderful. Just remember that you gotta let folks know you love 'em when you can. You know I love you. Here's a little kiss to prove it.