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Jennifer Maintains as Dana Preps

Stage Is Set

The Train Leaves The Stations

Still Warming Up The Crowd

Motioner and Motioner

Ari and Marvin

First Dancers

Startin' To Feel It

Youngest Funk-Rock Poet

Blazin' Guitar

Put Your Hands In The Air

Wave 'Em Like You Just Don't Care

Guest Dancer

Adam Pulls Their Strings

Marvin Deep In The Crowd

Tell It

Virus X

Back On Stage

Everything's Irie

Heal, Tina!

Something About That Blonde Woman

She Felt The Music

And Danced All Night

Matt, Ralph and Marvin

Colleen and a Different Mike

Marvin and 'Nee

Hard To Catch A Songbird Without A Mic

Tina Rocks


Sing Us Home