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Colleen, Arms Folded, Daring Us To Party


View Of The Yard From The Sitting Bull Pen

Freak Begonias

Beautiful Fuchsia


Prarie Sanctuary

Magic Slippers

Eric And The Blues

Tina's Stunning Slippers

Mike Still Preparin' During The Party

Is There Such A Thing As Too Relaxed?

C'mon In... The Water's Fine

Tisa' Tina-Topping Terry Tunic

Laura Almost Fully Covered



Ron And Tina


Mike Still Workin'

You'd Think These Two Were At A Civilized Affair


The Ends Should Point Up... So The Luck Doesn't Run Out

A Band

Kurto Mark Slam Al Stas Ik

Another Band

Checking The Buns

Red End O' The Spectrum

Still Life (With Chocolate Chips)

Tony Subdude

A Lotta Hullaballo

For All You Punks

Smilin' -N- Glidin'

A Group Of Picnickers

Ghost Stories Revisited

Belly Dancing

Dawn's Appliquee

Sock And Roll Review

Nobody Naked... Yet

Party Starting To Smolder

Briefly... There Were Some Fireworks To The East

Colleen And Mike Dance

A Proper Toast

Happy Faces; Happy Feet

The Red Pants Stood Out Like... Well... Red Pants

Bob And Kennedy

And To Finish...

...The Mexican Dancing We All Love So Well